• Tectonic Gold is a gold exploration research company developing a complex exploration technology to pursue Intrusive Related Gold Systems in Australia. Align Research were able to help us distil our story into a very clear proposition for investors and put out a note to support our listing on the NEX. Align remain actively engaged and are advising us as we work through our technical program on how best to prepare for a move to the main board of the London Stock Exchange. This has been an invaluable sounding board alongside our broker engagement and for Tectonic, Align will remain an ongoing part of our market interface. I highly recommend Richard and his team for their professional integrity, speed of delivery and high quality research product.

    Brett Boynton, CFA. CEO Tectonic Gold Plc
  • I have worked with Align in a number of different AIM companies and have been consistently delighted by the quality of their research and the speed with which they have delivered it. They go to great lengths to understand the mechanics of each operation and their questions are focussed and insightful, often opening up new avenues of thought for management. In situations where time has been critical they have been superb in terms of delivering their report in a very polished state by the required deadline.

    Dennis Edmonds, Chairman, Pathfinder Minerals plc
  • We were initially introduced to Align Research by a strategic investor following a discussion about what we perceived to be a significant gap in the small/mid-cap market: high-quality, professional and cost-effective research.

    I was gladly impressed with the level of detailed due diligence which the team at Align carried out on the company and how genuinely interested they were in the sector. Each call was well prepared by Align with in-depth sector data that enabled us to have robust debates about our assumptions and our place in the market.

    We were left confident about their business model in which they have real ‘skin in the game’ and reassured that they genuinely select a few companies where they perceive untapped potential and a need to effectively communicate the value proposition and a compelling equity story. All of this based on meticulous analysis of the data available.

    David Palumbo, Chief Executive Officer, EQTEC plc
  • We have been very impressed by by both Align's business model but also their level of detail and expertise in research. Its seems that in a small cap world where talk is definitely 'cheap', Align most definitely put their money where their mouth is.

    Patrick Southon, CEO, Gaming Realms
  • Greenfields Petroleum engaged Align Research to provide research services to complement our existing Broker coverage in 2017. They immediately provided a very knowledgeable industry expert who, in a short period of time, developed a detailed and quantitative report tailored towards existing and new retail investors. They quickly comprehended the opportunities afforded Greenfields through the acquisition of our partners interests and the corporate restructuring of our balance sheet. In addition, Align Research has continued to provide very pragmatic and professional advice on our potential dual listing on the AIM.

    John W. Harkins, CEO, Greenfields Petroleum Corporation
  • I have enjoyed working with Align Research. They are different than other research companies in that they take an active interest in telling the story of the company in a way that the private investors can understand. Furthermore, it is the first time that I have seen a research company take a keen interest in the performance of a company’s share price and actively engage with potential investors.

    Aidan Bishop, Founder - Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd & BigDish Plc
  • Emmerson Plc, which is developing the world class Khemisset Potash Project, engaged Align to deliver some detailed research which could be accessed by both retail and institutional investors alike. We were very impressed with the diligence of the analyst covering us, Dr Michael Green, who showed a deep technical understanding of the mining business, and which was reflected in his initiation research note. We have seen significant engagement on the back of their research, particularly from the retail market in the UK. Considering the changes in the broking and research landscape within the UK as a result of MiFID II, Align offers a fantastic solution for smaller UK listed companies to engage with the wider retail investment community. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we de-risk our outstanding potash projects.

    Hayden Locke, CEO, Emmerson
  • Our company was going through a complex RTO and we needed a way to get the market to understand the value and further potential the transaction will deliver. Having had Align Research recommended to us, we were impressed at how quickly they were able to produce a clear and concise analysis that we could use to support the RTO process. Their approach was diligent and professional, their analyst had comprehensive knowledge of the mining industry and their commitment to supporting us was refreshing.

    Mark Jones, CEO, Alecto Minerals
  • Our company was referred to Align Research by one of our strategic advisors. We’ve started down the road to engage several research firms in the past but it was clear from our first meeting with Align that they “got it.” What we do isn’t rocket science - but it does require a level of curiosity, a level of intellect, and a level of willingness to research to truly understand the import of our mission to deliver Distributed Modular Gasification (DMG) to the world. The Align team dove in to the deep end. They challenged us, they challenged our assumptions, and they helped us better understand and articulate our own value proposition. I couldn’t be more pleased with the efforts of the Align Research organization. They don’t produce some “fluff piece” but rather a robust, data-driven and solid report behind which both they, and we, can stand. I highly recommend Richard Jennings and his team to any company looking to expand their messaging to the right audience, at the right time. We will be working with them for quite a while to come.

    Keith Allaun, Executive Chairman, PowerHouse Energy Group
  • I recently engaged Align Research to review our extensive data room and provide some objective independent research. The resulting 30 plus page report covered all relevant technical and financial aspects of the project and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the mining industry in general and the specific project parameters. The report was completed in a professional and timely manner and contained both detailed and industry comparison valuations which now form an integral part of our pre IPO financing information. I can happily recommend Align as a research provider and look forward to continuing to work with them as we progress to IPO later this year.

    Tony Williams, CEO, Siberian Goldfields Limited