Milestone Group

Technology and social causes specialist set for growth in both markets

Milestone Group is an AIM listed company that offers a range of digital media and technology-driven products. As well as adding value to clients by way of these services, Milestone’s operations are designed to deliver social benefits as well as shareholder value.

  • An integrated mix of complementary social and technology operations

    Milestone’s operations currently consist of digital media and technology-driven businesses, providing access to products and services along with the development of social initiatives. The businesses are designed to work collectively to deliver cross-selling opportunities, which provides an opportunity for the Group to drive revenues and deliver positive social outcomes.

  • The Passion Project

    First launched in January 2013, the Passion Project is Milestone’s flagship product and the key social initiative of charity, the Milestone Foundation. It is a youth engagement programme, which aims to support 16–24 year-olds into long-term employment by helping them identify and develop their interests & skills and then matching them with employment opportunities.

  • Technology JV provides huge revenue growth opportunities

    Nexstar is a joint-venture formed between Milestone and Australian technology company Black Cactus Holdings Pty Ltd in July 2015 initially to exploit digital distribution of media content within the Loyalty and Rewards industry. This was later extended to provide the Company with an exclusive global license to market and commercialise all of Black Cactus’s proprietary IP and specialist blockchain development services. Several contracts have been announced for Nexstar services which include its digital financial services, digital content publishing and digital content distribution offerings, with a growing pipeline in development.

  • Other operations provide opportunity for further growth

    Milestone has other significant growth opportunities in its other operations. These include a digital creative agency, an education and training service, a creative youth magazine and a digital entertainment platform. These opportunities are further enhanced by promotion via the network of Passion Project partners who use the Company’s services and provide referrals to Milestone.


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Table: financial overview
Year to 30th Sept 2012A 2013A 2014A 2015A
Revenues (£m) 0.78 0.15 0.16 0.32
Pre-tax profit (£m) (1.46) (0.98) (1.07) (1.40)
EPS (p) (0.42) (0.24) (0.23) (0.25)
Source: Company accounts