January 5, 2020 | Posted by

Dear shareholder

A short update as we go into a pivotal week for the Company. First off, let me caution ALL genuine shareholders with regards to some utter nonsensical, fantastical comments that have been made surrounding our consortia on various social media forums.

To clarify (in print with all the legal and regulatory ramifications thereof) a number of untruths being put out by parties whose interests are diametrically opposed to you:

  1. We are not proposing to inject £100,000 into AAOG. We are proposing to inject just shy of £1m through also purchasing the ESA stock in full. This achieves another bonus for shareholders through taking out an overhang of stock and allows the shares to “breathe” if we conclude the deal. This money would come in quickly and without onerous conditions as is likely to be the case in the Riverfort financing proposal.
  2. The warrant attachment at 1.5p is because we believe that if we are successful in future negotiations with the SNPC surrounding repayment of due monies, that there is a very good chance of these being exercised. This would bring a net additional £1.8m into the company and properly stabilise the balance sheet aswell as provide funds for drilling.
  3. There has been a lot of nonsense spouted from various quarters with regards to our debt package and Oxford Energy Ltd. The Ltd company is simply a dormant entity at present through which funds would be channelled in the debt facility. Work is taking placing to prove up to the BoD of AAOG’s satisfaction in the next couple of working days the surety of these monies. Remember, we have had to put this proposal together largely in the dark, with the provision of DD material being delayed from the BoD of AAOG and over a much shortened festive working period.

To remind all shareholders, if you want to secure your company, you need to vote and send your proxy forms as per instruction here as a matter of urgency:

These forms can be downloaded HERE and then email it to and myself at together with a copy of your nominee/broker statement verifying your holding and then send a physical copy to the company’s registrar’s address being – Share Registrars Limited at The Courtyard, 17 West Street, Farnham, GU9 7DR.

In the alternate, please instruct your broker/nominee to vote in accordance with below and to give you confirmation of this voting instruction having been enacted.