• Ironveld – smelter acquisition to accelerate mining & processing. Buy.

    May 24, 2022 | Posted by

    By Dr. Michael Green There was undoubtedly transformational news this morning from Ironveld which outlined the acquisition of an existing smelting facility, allowing mining and processing to begin a lot faster than was previously envisaged. In a nutshell, the company is going to acquire Ferrochrome Furnaces (Pty) Limited (FCF) which owns a mothballed smelter complex […]

  • Align Research Top 10 Conviction calls for 2022

    December 28, 2021 | Posted by

    And so another yet year turns… A little older and hopefully a little wiser, although observing the utter, utter madness that is the world today and many of those going along with the Covid hysteria and narrative I am not so sure about the wiser part… There is a saying in the stock market, that […]

  • Ironveld – £5.6 million investment at 1p to advance towards production. Buy.

    October 22, 2021 | Posted by

    This morning brought great news for Ironveld shareholders. For a small cap stock, you don’t get many announcements much better than this. Grosvenor Resources Pty Ltd is to invest £5.6 million at 1p a share. This is a big chunk of money and at a substantial premium, which is set to do wonders for the fortunes […]

  • Ironveld – Advanced talks with a major partner to take strategic equity stake. Another “gift” being offered by “Mr Market”. Buy

    March 30, 2021 | Posted by

    By Dr. Michael Green Interims out this morning from Ironveld brought a ray of sunshine. All the overheads incurred during the period reflected a continued low level of activity whilst negotiations for development funding continued. However, the results brought welcome news that talks are at an advanced stage with a major partner seeking to take […]

  • Align Research Top 7 Conviction calls for 2021

    December 30, 2020 | Posted by

    Well, its that time of year again and, like many, we are certainly very pleased to see the back of 2020. From a recommendations viewpoint we had some stellar success with Eqtec, Argo Blockchain & Gaming Realms, each of which multi-bagged to varying measures and exceeded our price targets. This year we tried to narrow […]

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