• Argo Blockchain – When the facts change I change my mind sir, what do you do?

    May 5, 2019 | Posted by

    The immortal words of economics and investment legend John Maynard Keynes spring to mind when it comes to the current situation at Argo Blockchain given the calling of an EGM to remove the 2 incumbent directors Jonathan Bixby and Mike Edwards. Argo was a research client of ours and we were one of the seed […]

  • Zak Mir interviews Scott Richardson-Brown, CEO of Pathfinder Minerals

    May 5, 2019 | Posted by

    Zak Mir interviews Scott Richardson-Brown CEO of Pathfinder Minerals to elaborate on the company’s recent game changing news. Click the play button below to listen to the audio. https://zakmir.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/pfp-150419.m4a Questions asked: 1. Further colour provided on last week’s RNS. 2. Timescales for deal completion. 3. Dilution and cost fears addressed. 4. Attractiveness of asset from […]

  • Align business model clarification (update)

    May 4, 2019 | Posted by

    Following a number of comments on various social media forums this week reference Align Research and its approach and, where it seems there are a number of misconceptions as to our business model, we hereby clarify our mandate to ensure that there is no misunderstanding within the market place. First of all, Align’s mandate is […]

  • Clarification statement re Widecells Plc

    May 2, 2019 | Posted by

    Align wishes to clarify a number of misconceptions surrounding our involvement in Widecells Plc in recent months. Points as below: We had been attempting to establish a precise understanding of the company’s current capital position in recent weeks with a view to a full update note. These requests for information by the company went unheeded. […]

  • Emmerson – Key offtake agreement inked

    April 15, 2019 | Posted by

    By Dr. Michael Green It looks as though matters are beginning to hot up quite nicely at Emmerson. The latest news is that the company has signed a Heads of Agreement with a global fertiliser group covering an offtake for 100% of production from Emmerson’s world class Khemisset Potash Project. The agreement sets out a commitment […]

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