April 19, 2018 | Posted by


Mr Bellingham

You will note that I deign to refer to you with your establishment prefix of “Sir”. From where I come from the addressing of someone by “Sir” implies respect for that party and respect in my book is earned, not given as an entitlement.

Firstly, let me say that your actions this last two months in our attempt to bring about management change at Pathfinder Minerals given the abject failure of the company on almost every measure during your and Trew’s tenure have been, to my mind, nothing short of deplorable. From obfuscating our bona fide initial EGM request on the most spurious grounds to contemplating a placing where it is apparent the principal purpose was to dilute our influence, now to the latest dirty trick which is to threaten James Normand with legal action for breach of a compromise agreement reference his proposed nomination to the Board. Do you have any vestige of morality and fair play Mr Bellingham? To think also that you have been entrusted by your constituents as an MP with responsibility and good practice, to me, almost defies belief looking at your recent actions here.

I urge you to take a long hard look in the mirror at yourself and precisely what you are achieving for ALL Pathfinder shareholders, your own reputation and your contribution to society in the decisions you have taken recently in regards to the company. For the love of god call the EGM and allow shareholder democracy to, finally, decide the fate of OUR company.

R Jennings