Open letter to Tony O’Reilly Jnr

December 13, 2016 | Posted by

Dear Tone

I’ll make this letter succinct as my prior communications have been pretty exhaustive in pointing out my perceived failings on your part as the CEO of Providence Resources.

With the much improved backdrop for oil prices post the OPEC announcement and non Opec producers cut last week and which has sent Brent oil towards $60 a barrel, it is, I feel, pertinent to remind you of your comments to the one time oil analyst Malcolm Wood on the 21st July 2016 in the esteemed on-line media organisation that is ‘TipTV’.

To quote you at your words – “…there’s nothing wrong with Barryroe…” and later in the same interview – “… that clears the way for us to conclude a farm out on Barryroe later this year…”.

With less than 10 full trading days remaining in 2016 now, I await with baited breath the conclusion of this near five year farmout process and, assuming your statement can be held good, in a small way you restoring your reputation as CEO of Providence Resources.

In the absence of a deal, then as one of your long suffering shareholders I shall again be forced to conclude that you have simply waxed lyrical once more to keep your own gravy train going on Providence shareholders’ funds or, in the alternate, conclude that you have again monumentally misjudged the potential partners intent in the infamous “data room”. In the latters case,  then I presume you will, for once, do the decent thing and resign forthwith to allow a fresh injection of management capability, connections and the ability to conclude a deal for all PVR shareholders.

Best of the season to you

R Jennings

Cc Pat Plunkett, Chairman